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Guang high speed Huizhou Ru Lake section car and

In new network Huizhou on February,21,(Yan Chu) 21 days 15 when make,Guang Expressway (formerly Huizhou Guanghui freeway) Ru Lake Road traffic accident,a car and a truck rear-ended,caused 1 deaths and 3 wounded. The cause of the accident investigation.It is understood,the time of the incident,a car containing a total of 4 men,by way of Ru Lake location of the tire suddenly burst,hit the front truck caused the accident.According to participate in the rescue personnel said,the car driver and rear passenger of a man wounded,was promptly rescued from the car,however,sat in the copilot’s position on the back seat of man and another man was trapped in the car can’t get out. Huizhou firefighters have to be trapped inside the two people rescued. The present staff confirmed the copilot position,a man is dead,the remaining 3 of the wounded were sent to the small hospital and Huizhou Third People’s hospital.The accident cause factor in further investigation.

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