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Hainan port cargo throughput of 1 tons breakthrough

The newspaper Haikou news February 20th (reporter Hou Xiaojian) 2011 is Hainan shipping industry is an important node of the port container throughput of 1220000 TEUs breakthrough,the first super million tons of cargo throughput (1.009 tons). It is worth mentioning that,the container throughput of 10000 TEUs to box of 500000 mark from insufficient for 20 years,and from 2009 585200 mark to 1220000 last year mark,only spent two years; the initial stage that build a province,the province’s port cargo throughput of about 8000000 tons only,and last month average throughput has exceeded before building a province throughout the year sum.Recommended readingChina’s rich list ranked second in Karamay City beyond the Erdos (group of pictures) The European Union brewing a carbon tax levyJordan Jordan sport claims to tens of millions ofThe world bank said China must deeply reformDeath church denies bile bears prior injection of anestheticsThe Chinese model of income (group of pictures) Compete [God] Trading King surfacedZhao Xiao: the United States the move surprised me.”This is my province to regional international shipping hub journey a new span,which shows the construction of Hainan international tourism island to me the province social economy development to produce a powerful drive effect.” The provincial transportation department responsible person.Analysts said last year,I save haven port’s cargo throughput to achieve new breakthrough,passing Hainan economy steady rapid growth signals,economy warms up continuously boost port logistics.With the large project construction speed,drive haven port’s cargo throughput growth. The LNG project in Hainan,Yangpu Port oil terminal such as a large number of projects under construction,stimulating the island into steel,cement and other building materials quantity,crude oil,coal,wood,paper and other bulk cargo source import and my province each big harbor,chemical products,cultural paper,supply stability,pull the port logistics industry fast development.The container terminals of Haikou port limited company deputy general manager Zheng Xianggao said,by the Hainan international tourism island policy signal stimulation,Hainan photovoltaic,tropical agriculture,real estate,automobile manufacturing and otherIndustryTo accelerate the development,to a certain extent,stimulating the growth of container handling capacity,year handling capacity of Haikou harbor container reach case of 808000 mark,the province accounts for 80%. In another development,last year,investment in Yangpu Port cargo throughput to achieve new breakthrough,annual accumulative total finishs port’s cargo throughput of 8746000 tons,grow 42.5% compared to the same period. The container throughput of 314000 TEUs,grew 49.6% compared to the same period.Port management office responsible person,I save the development of port logistics,thanks to our province a number of sea routes opened up. Last year,Hainan container shipping routes to reach 37,achieve the history new tall.Haikou Hong Kong last year give aid to COSCO,Antun and liner companies new opened in Haikou,Fangchenggang,Beihai,Yangpu,Qingdao,Tianjin and other 8 branch trunk; sea opened in Nansha – Haikou boutique express routes,perfects the harbor container line layout,make the port transfer box,storage box volume growth. Last year,the port container throughput of 808000 TEUs breakthrough,become the Ring Northern Bay container throughput ranks among the largest port,area of annulus north bay center hub port list.Yangpu Port route opened to also have new breakthrough,COSCO,China shipping,Hainan Industrial Company has opened to Hongkong,Guangzhou,Shanghai Yangpu,Hu Zhiming city 11 container liner routes. Hainan Pan Ocean shipping company formed container fleet,Yangpu – Australia,the United States opened West – East – the Middle East trade routes,Yangpu – Hu Zhiming – Bangkok 6 regular trade routes of liner,formed a perfect liner shipping network,transfer the amount grows substantially,as the development of Yangpu Port logistics industry provided vast space.(a candidate number 4)

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